Cords, Hemp and Thonging

Cords, Hemp and Thonging

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New Bella Corda - Jewellery Cord

Product no.: SMC-010

from £2.25 *

New Fine Hemp Twine

Product no.: SMC-011

from £1.40 *

3mm Suede Thonging

Product no.: SMC-018

£0.55 *

New 1mm Leather Thonging

Product no.: SMC-016

£0.50 *
In stock

2mm Leather Thonging

Product no.: SMC-017

£0.50 *

New Silk Cording

Product no.: SMC-012

from £1.45 *

New 2.5mm Rattail Satin Cord

Product no.: SMC-013

from £0.35 *
In stock

New 1.7mm Elasticated Lurex Cord

Product no.: SMC-015

£0.20 *
In stock
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